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I don’t often convert VHDL to Verilog but when I do ...
posted by Christopher Felton

Spline interpolation
posted by Markus Nentwig

BGA and QFP at Home 1 - A Practical Guide.
posted by Victor Yurkovsky

Introducing the VPCIe framework
posted by Fabien Le Mentec

How FPGAs work, and why you'll buy one
posted by Yossi Kreinin

Learning VHDL - Basics
posted by Enrico Garante

Yet another PWM
posted by Anton Babushkin

Two jobs
posted by Stephane Boucher

How to start in FPGA development? - Simulation software tools
posted by Nuria Orduna

An Editor for HDLs
posted by Dave Vandenbout

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Program Xilinx with Altera JTAG Programmer? [12 replies]

Posted by jackm - 14 hours ago

Hello, I am looking for an ultra-cheap way to program Xilinx CPLDs and FPGAs. On Ebay they sell Altera USB Blaster JTAG programmers that ship from China and are fake copies I assume, they cost less ...Program Xilinx with Altera JTAG Programmer?

Microblaze problem with FSL core [2 replies]

Posted by hafezmg48 - 3 days ago

Hi guys, I'm not sure this is the right place to ask this question, but I found no answers to it on xilinx forums. Hope you can help me! intro: I work with atlys board. using Microblaze proc...Microblaze problem with FSL core

An Altera CPLD "JTAG Unlocker"

Started by Unknown 4 days ago

Hi There, From time to time I see people having Altera CPLDs on the "JTAG Lockout" st= atus. I have a few EPM7128s on this state myself. I wonder how difficult would it be to create a...An Altera CPLD "JTAG Unlocker"

New invention: Systematic method of coding wave pipelined circuits in HDL

Posted by Weng Tianxiang - 5 days ago

Hi Jim, glen, JK, rickman, Mike, Andy,=20 I have filed a provisional patent application: "Systematic method of coding= wave pipelined circuits in HDL". If it is proved correct, the pate...New invention: Systematic method of coding wave pipelined circuits in HDL

FPGA Project - [3 replies]

Posted by Julian Gardner - 5 days ago

Looking for someone to work on a project. Quick Notes 1. PCI FGPA Card (standard off the shelf is possible) 2. Interface to decryption engine 3. Multiple decryption engines, as many as the FPG...FPGA Project -

Inferring F7 / F8 Mux in Xilinx [2 replies]

Posted by Kevin Neilson - 1 week ago

I'm posting this here for my own future reference. If you infer a mux with fewer than 2**n inputs, Vivado won't infer the F7 or F8 muxes. Here is the trick to make sure you get the best synthesis....Inferring F7 / F8 Mux in Xilinx

Open Source GPGPU core [9 replies]

Started by Unknown 1 week ago

I've been designing an open source Larrabee-esque GPGPU processor in System= Verilog and I thought people might find it interesting. Full source code, d= ocumentation, tests, tools, etc. are availab...Open Source GPGPU core

Kintex UltraScale board with two DDR4 interfaces?

Posted by Owenh - 2 weeks ago

Hello, I am looking for a Xilinx Kintex UltraScale FPGA board, where it would be possible to run two separated DDR4 controllers (i.e., a board where there is more than one address bus for the DDR4 ...Kintex UltraScale board with two DDR4 interfaces?

Dynamic partial reconfiguration on Spartan 3 chips [2 replies]

Started by Unknown 2 weeks ago [ Spartan | Spartan3 | Xilinx ]

Well it finally worked for me. i had many problems especially with the PAR tool of Xilinx ... Thanks for all those who helped me with my questions .. (thanks Dirl , thanks Antti ..) Recobus ...Dynamic partial reconfiguration on Spartan 3 chips

processor core validation [2 replies]

Posted by alb - 2 weeks ago

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone can point me to some formal method to validate a soft processor core. We have the source code (vhdl) and a simulation environment to load programs and...processor core validation

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