Reply by Mich April 4, 20062006-04-04

Recently I bought an Ethernet Module from your web-site. I have used
recommended vhdl file (dpimref.vhd) to test this Ethernet Module. I
the code that is used for the leds and buttons in comment because they
not available on the Ethernet Module.

When I download this design to a Xilinx Virtex II pro development board
I use the communication software from you web-site the communication
always go without errors.

The writing to the FPGA works perfect, but when I want to read from the
sometimes I read out the address of the register where I want to read
instead of the data of that register

Example: I write to the FPGA at register 0x01 the value 0x08. When I
want to
read from register 0x01 I read 95% of the times 0x08 but the other 5% I
out 0x01 with is the address.

I have asked the suport of digilent inc what I can do about this and
they repleyed
Before building the Dpimref logic in ISE:
       1.      In Project Navigator, right-click on "Synthesize-XST"
               (in the Process View Tab) and select "Properties"
       2.      Click the "HDL Options" tab
       3.      Set the "FSM Encoding Algorithm" to "None"

This is the trick when I use ISE
but where can I set this option in the EDK?