Altera Cyclone 4 deserialization, banks, pll

Started by Serkan Oktem (Alumni) September 8, 2011
Dear Gurus;

I have 1 Cyclone IV GX EP4CGX150(DF27C7)
This Cyclone IV is connected to 6 x Cyclone III (C40F484)
All of these 6 Cyclone IIIs will send 4 bit LVDS serialized input data
and a clock(120mhz)
I need to deserialize 4 bits of data with their respective clocks by
Cyclone IV GXEP4CGX150

1- Which banks should I use for these 30pins (4 bit data and clock
inputs) x6
2- What is the number of PLLs that I need to use while desialization

PS: I used to do this with Xilinx Spartan 6 but I am new to Altera.