DDR2 SDRAM and Virtex2Pro

Started by Sean Durkin September 7, 2004
Hi *,

does anyone have any experience with DDR2 SDRAM-controllers in a 
Virtex2Pro? There's of course a bunch of ready-to-use controllers for 
DDR1 SDRAM, but for DDR2 it only says in Xilinx' "Memory Corner" that
"The Virtex-II Pro built-in capabilities enable DDR2 SDRAM interfacing 
at data rates of 533 Mbps." But there's no examples, and in the usual 
xapps concerning DDR SDRAM DDR2 is not even mentioned.

Has anyone tried this so far? Any pointers, hints, suggestions, caveats?

Theoretically, not much changed from DDR1 -> DDR2, but I bet there's a 
bunch of problems I'm not seeing...