Altera DDR SDRAM & external DSP

Started by Jerry September 7, 2004
The question is  "Has anyone successfully integrated two DDR SDRAM
controllers controlling one block of ram?"

The alternate approach is to use the DSP HPI port as the transfer port
between the shared SDRAM and the DSP. This would
not rely on using the DSP DDR SDRAM controller to access the shared ram. The
bandwidth takes a hit but the overall
system preformance is not affected. Oh the internal memory of the DSP is
large enough to hold program and data.

The System:
The system consist of a Cyclone or Stratix FPGA with a NIOS II, DMA and a
DDR SDRAM controller internal to
the FPGA. External are a TI DSP capable of being a DDR SDRAM controller.
There is a block of DDR SDRAM shared
between the FPGA and the DSP. The shared ram is for data exchange between
the NIOS and DSP.
After spending a few days looking over the ram, DSP and  DDR SDRAM
controller documents
I'm thinking that the simplest approach to integration is to use the DSP's
HPI port for data transfers between
the shared memory and DSP. The HPI can be ran under DAM and has buffers both
for read and write .
While this approach isn't the fastest I think it has the best chance of
working. The timing
for the ram is tight, the control signals are slaved to the differential
clock (implies switching the source of the clock between the
FPGA and the DSP), debug nightmare and something I wouldn't want to argue in
front of a peer review board.