xilinx software licenses and updates

Started by E.S. November 8, 2004
Hi all,

a little rant, but anyway ...

Anyone else on this group is annoyed with the Software Licenses Database 
at xilinx ? I was trying to get an update for my EDK, and noticed it 
again. I'm not in the computer ;-)
I receive emails all the time from xilinx, because "I'm a registered 
user". I have a Xilinx Site ID, Xilinx Support ID, a lot of emails with
with registration and produkt ID, and suddenly, they don't find anything 
anymore. Tried to send an email to swreg at xilinx, no response for a 
week. Xilinx support via phone last thursday, they have to call me back,
they don't know why I didn't receive my update. Call to support today,
they are sorry, but the system is down ...

Please XILINX, please fix it !

BTW, I had to go through the same circus for the 6.1 to 6.2 update 
already, and thought it was fixed ...


So, back to squeeze ns again ;-)