Modelsim library problem

Started by Denis Gleeson November 22, 2004

Im using Modelsim XE 5.5e for simulation.
All was going well until I attempted to include delay information in
my simulation by bringing the .sdf from my synthesis tool.

Now I just get # ** Fatal: ERROR: SDF files require Xilinx primitive

Now in the Load Design dialog box of Modelsim in the Libraries tab I
have added all 4 libraries supplied with the modelsim package
simprims_ver, unisims_ver, aim_ver and uni9000. Still no luck. Just
get the same message.

The error message is very limited and suggests to me that the package
is not seeing any library files even though I am including them.

Can anyone give me pointers on where I could start to find the problem
with this.

Many thanks for any suggestions


       -- Mike Treseler