Regarding Linux on ML 310

Started by March 5, 2005
Hi Everyone,
             I wanted to load linux (Montavista ) on a partition in the
Compact Flash ..and wanted to run my program after linux gets
loaded..When I see the Xilinx Linux tutorial for the ML 310..I came to
know that the two important things are -- ml310_base_bootloop.bit
(which has a bootloop in it )and the zImage.initrd.elf (the Linux
kernel as a power pc executable)...So I downloaded the bit file using
iMPACT and then started of XMD and on the command line, then  I said
..dow zImage.initrd.elf... After the on the xmd command line I said
run..But nothing changes on the minicom(terminal..because I am running

             Has anyone tried this sort of a thing ...If so please help
me out..

Thanks in advance 


Parag Beeraka