Virtex-4 Routing

Started by Miguel April 22, 2005

I can't seem to find any documentation on Virtex-4 routing, no even a
general schematic, i looked at the datasheets and user guides but
nothing. I saw a answer record that said that there weren't any TBUF's,
and the data sheet shows that there is a switch matrix similar to
Virtex-II in the CLB's. Does anyone have more information about it? is
it similar to Virtex-II? When does Xilinx plan to release this
information? Those who have ISE 7.1 can see FPGA Editor is there
considerable differences?




It is virtually identical to Virtex II, II Pro.

The main differences are the additional global clocks, and the regional 

In terms of the local interconnect, we still have horizontal and 
vertical longs; the hexes, doubles, singles and directs like we do in V II.


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