[PATCH] Xilinx Linux driver package clean-up.

Started by Steven J. Hill September 18, 2005

The source package from Xilinx leaves a bit to be desired as far as
being easy to use and integrate into your Linux distro. I have uploaded
a patch that includes a 'README' file and simplifies building and
installing. I also wrote an init script that does the 'start|stop|reload'
type stuff that all the Linux distros do. This patch will work with the
Linux 2.6.13 vanilla kernel. It patches up all the source code such that
it builds with no warning or errors. I hope people find it useful. You
can download the patch from here:

The README text is shown below to give you an idea of what I did. Cheers.



1) Go to the 'xpc4drvr' directory.

2) After locating your kernel tree, build the driver with:

       make KERNEL_SOURCE=<kernel-source-dir>

    or edit your Makefile and hardcode the value for KERNEL_SOURCE
    and then build your module.

3) Become the 'root' user.

4) Install the device driver, with:

       make KERNEL_VERSION=<kernel-version> install

    or again, edit your Makefile and hardcode the KERNEL_VERSION value.
    The init script 'install_drv' will also be copied to your '/etc/init.d'
    directory and be renamed to '/etc/init.d/xilinx'. Edit the Makefile
    to change this behavior.

1) Ask on the 'comp.arch.fpga' newsgroup after actually trying the
    above steps 2 times.

2) You can email me, Steven J. Hill <> with
    questions. I may or may not be able to help you.