Xilinx XUP + Linux (firmware loading problem!)

Started by S.T. September 26, 2005

I have some more insights in the problem connecting a "xilinx xup virtex II
pro" board with linux: I just installed windows and ise71_4i and connected
the board. After *three* times driver installation the board worked. Then i
rebooted into linux and got impact running and identifying the chips in the
jtag chain. After that i powercycled the board loading the firmware via
linux into the board. After that the board stopped working. To double check
i booted into windows (without switching the xup board off) and got the
same problems as under linux. 

So the problem seems to be related to the firmware or the loading of the

It would be really nice to get a firmware which gets the XUP board working.
The revision of the board is 3 (anyone a different rev and got the board
working under linux?)