Re: FPGA : PCI core needed

Started by Kevin Brace November 2, 2005
Hi bijoy,

My company Brace Design Solutions has developed a Xilinx (TM) LogiCORE
(TM) PCI compatible (replacement) PCI IP core called BDS XPCI PCI IP core.
Assuming that your project's PCI interface is target only (no
initiator), and uses only one BAR (Base Address Register), BDS XPCI32
PCI IP core should occupy roughly 580 LUTs and 250 FFs.
That should translate roughly 290 Slices (580 / 2 = 290).
Of course, if your project uses initiator mode, the LUT consumption will
be much higher.
         If the number we presented is not satisfactory, we have several
ideas to reducing the LUT count such as:

* Using multiplexer instead of internal tri-state buffers for
configuration register part of the PCI IP core

* Completely getting rid of initiator capability by removing initiator
related logic

* (I personally don't like it, but . . .) Getting rid of parity checking

Obviously, the custom version will cost more money than the regular
version because we will have to customize it, but let us know if you are
For more information, visit Brace Design Solutions website at

Kevin Brace

bijoy wrote:
 > Hi My company wanted to buy PCI core(33Mhz), and it should be fitted
in spartan-3 fpga and should not take not more than 350 slices Does any
one have got any idea from where i can get this PCI core ? pls mail to
 > rgds bijoy

Brace Design Solutions
Xilinx (TM) LogiCORE (TM) PCI compatible BDS XPCI PCI IP core available 
for as little as $100 for non-commercial, non-profit, personal use.

Xilinx and LogiCORE are registered trademarks of Xilinx, Inc.