Research Assistantship (Fall, 2021) at Dept. of Computer Engineering, Hallym University, Korea

Started by jg.lee April 5, 2021
Research Assistantship (Fall, 2021) at the Graduate School, Dept. of Comput=
er Engineering, Hallym University, Korea

The [AI Accelerator Design Lab] of the Hallym University seek to recruit pr=
omising PhD and MSc or MSc-PhD research students.

The selected students will conduct research in the [Hardware Implementation=
 of Deep Learning Algorithms] and [Deep Learning for Medical Applications].
Interested applicants should contact Prof. Lee, Jeong-Gun by 15 May, 2021 K=
orean time (GMT + 9).  His contact details are as follows:

- E-mail:
- URL:

To qualify for the scholarship, applicants must meet the following requirem=

=E2=80=A2 Hold a Bachelor=E2=80=99s or Master=E2=80=99s degree as of Aug., =
O For Master=E2=80=99s program (or Integrated Master=E2=80=99s & Doctoral p=
rogram): students should hold a Bachelor=E2=80=99s degree or a diploma that=
 is equivalent to or higher than Bachelor=E2=80=99s degree
O For Doctoral program: students should hold a Master=E2=80=99s degree or a=
 diploma that is equivalent to or higher than Master=E2=80=99s degree.
=E2=80=A2 Important Requirements:
O Good background in the area(s) of research
O Good programming skills
O Good English language skills- written and oral
O Good ability to cooperate with others in a multicultural environment
O Good ability for highly motivated independent research
Listed below are some features of this research assistantship and the expec=
ted benefits of the program for successful applicants:

O Support full tuition fees for study period
O Monthly Allowance of 1,000,000 ~ 1,200,000 won (KRW)
O Extra allowances based on research performance
O Full support for Conference Participation

Duration: Direct MSc- 2years, PhD- 3years, MSc-PhD Combined- 4years
Expected commencement date: Sep. 2021

Application Procedure
Interested applicants should send the following to Prof. Jeong-Gun Lee (jeo= by 15 May, 2021 Korean time (GMT + 9):

1) CV (to include names, date of birth, nationality, sex, contact details, =
education, work experience, publications). Only electronic applications are=
2) Academic transcripts
3) Brief summary of most recent thesis and the status (eg accepted, in prog=
ress, submitted, etc)