Re: LVDS output pins of Altera Cyclone II

Started by December 8, 2006
>tentacle ( wrote: > >> I'm trying to use a FPGA to control a flat panel display that has LVDS >> inputs. Displays try to draw current from active LVDS lines if the power >> supply of the panel is switched off. >> >> That is very harmful for the TFT and sooner or later it gets destroyed. >> >> That is why I have to tri-state the LVDS outputs. > >Didn't know that > >> Every LVDS driver IC on the market has an "output enable" signal. So why >> shouldn't this be possible with an FPGA? > >Well, I know that a lot of Philips TFT panels are driven by a Cyclone II, >but then again, these Cyclones get their current from the same supply as >the panel so the TFT can try to draw current until it hurts, but the >Cyclone will have nothing to give ;-) > >Alternatively you could use SSTL2, which basically has the same electrical >characteristics but is available as a bidirectional IO buffer. Setting OE >to 0 in this mode would effectively tristate the buffer. Drive strength is >limited to 15mA though. > >Best regards, > >Ben
Hi, thanks for the tip. I wrote my own serializer IP which uses the DDIOs as output stages and tristating the buffer works fine. Best regards, Simon -- --------------------------------- --- -- - Posted with NewsLeecher v3.7 Final Web @ ------------------- ----- ---- -- -