FFT and etc on a cycloneII or III help/sugestions.

Started by LC June 4, 2007

I need some advise...
I'm trying to find my way for having an FFT running on
a FPGA (along with some other easy stuff)

Before switching to the option of writing the FFT VHDL
myself,I was exploring what existing codes I could use.

The Altera FFT-Megacore is a possibility although may
have trouble to pay for it since this is for an hobby
application not for a commercial product.

On the I could find a design
"Generated by Confluence 0.6.3/Launchbird Design Systems, Inc."
that fails on the Quartus II fitter, even so the expected
resources to be used are extremely high (6 times the altera
megacore for same size/performance), so I do believe the
way the code was written/generated is not so good for synthesis
and it would become not an interesting option either.

Could find also a couple of educational developments but
not really what one could use without rewriting parts
if interesting to do that at all.
(for that I would be tempted to switch to the do it
all myself option).

I'm a bit stuck...
Please, comments are very welcome.

Luis C.

(edit my email addr if you
want to email me directly)