Using xilinx XAUI core in Ethernet design. What is the exact frame format pass through XAUI?

Started by March 12, 2008
We use xilinx xaui core in our Ethernet design, we choose XGMII as our
internal interface. And now, I am confused. I found that the data
between START(0xfb) andTERMINATE(0xfd) will all be transmit through
XAUI. So, if we use xaui core in Ethernet design, do we need to
transmit preamble, sfd and FCS? Now, I think may be we need preamble
and sfd to meet XGMII standard, but what about FCS. In 802.3ae
chapter46, it said CRC is done by RS.Please help me to make sure frame
format, Thank you!