Re: Remote access to Altera FPGA via jtagd in Linux

Started by Catalin Patulea (eigma) March 25, 2008
Hi comp.arch.fpga, Wojciech,

I have figured out how to get jtagd working in Remote mode *with*
correct detection of part names ("071280DD" --> "EPM7128S").

Here's what you need to do:

0. If there's an already-running instance of jtagd, kill it:
killall jtagd
1. mkdir /etc/jtagd
2. Create /etc/jtagd/jtagd.conf using the following template. Use the
~/.jtagd.conf file, generated by jtagconfig, for inspiration,
particularly for the Device sections.
# /etc/jtagd/jtagd.conf

Password = "changeme";

Device0 {
        Port = "/dev/parport0";
        Type = "ByteBlasterII";
3. Provide the part name database to jtagd. For some reason, it looks
for it as /etc/jtagd/jtagd.pgm_parts when --user-start is *not*
specified. You can either make a symbolic link or copy it:
/etc/jtagd# ln -s $QUARTUS_HOME/linux/pgm_parts.txt jtagd.pgm_parts
4. Start jtagd manually, using only the --config switch:
$QUARTUS_HOME/bin/jtagd --config /etc/jtagd/jtagd.conf

At this point, jtagd will be listening on *:1309 and will accept
remote connections provided the password is correct. The parts will
also show up using their names instead of JTAG IDs only. I have
programmed a EPM7128S from Quartus II 5.0 Windows using this and it
worked well.

If you run into any trouble, add in the --foreground --debug switches.