SDRAM problem

Started by cool.rezaul July 3, 2009
Hi I am using Kingston 512MB SDRAM for my XUP virtex 2 pro development
board. I am working on image filtering where I have to transfer the image
file to the SDRAM and then filter it by bring the data to the BRAM's. I am
struck off into following steps:

1. How can I send a whole image file to the SDRAM. I can put some data on
the SDRAM using the EDK C code which is as follows

#define XPS_MEM_RAM 0x60000000 // this was the starting address of the
                             //provided by the EDK when I added it to my
Xuint32 *RAM;

but how to send a full file... Also I am not sure whether the procedure i
followed is completely correct???

2.How can i bring my data(which is in SDRAM) to the BRAM. Can i add BRAM
to my EDK system as i added SDRAM... If so how??? I also tried to access
the SDRAM with VHDL code but it was quiet complicated. I also heard about
SDRAM controller but didn't found any for my SDRAM.

Please suggest me something for any of the two problems.