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Started by Giorgos Tzampanakis July 31, 2010
Where can I find a listing of the features that were added to
Verilog in the 2001 version, and then of the ones added in
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>Where can I find a listing of the features that were added to >Verilog in the 2001 version, and then of the ones added in >SystemVerilog?
It's surprisingly hard to extract that information. IEEE standards conventions strongly discourage the provision of such "delta" information - the standard is the standard, that's it - and although the information can be plucked from reference guides and suchlike it's still not easy. For example, at one point the Doulos Verilog Golden Reference Guide highlighted V-2001 features, but in recent years that disappeared (as V-2001 became the norm everywhere) and the highlights are now for newer stuff. There's a bit of me that asks "why do you want to know", I suppose. If you need a feature, use it in your code and then, if the compiler whines at you, change the compiler switches to use the newer version! Indeed, one good thing about all this is that each new version has carefully preserved back-compatibility with earlier versions, so in general you lose very little by setting your tools for the latest version they support. The obvious drawback to that is that each new version introduced new keywords. I can't give you a definitive list, but in V-2001 you certainly got "generate", "genvar", "signed", "automatic" and "endgenerate"; if you try to compile legal V-1995 code that uses these names as identifiers, of course any V-2001 tool will complain. That's why the "begin_keywords" and "end_keywords" compiler directives were added to SystemVerilog: they don't change the compiler's behaviour, but they disable recognition of certain keywords for just that reason. SystemVerilog adds so much new stuff that it's almost a new language that happens to include Verilog as a subset, so I don't think it's terribly helpful to list the deltas there. V-2001 versus V-1995 was not so bad. My non-definitive checklist of changes is... - So-called "ANSI-style" port lists in which the whole declaration of a port goes in the port list. In V-95 the port list was merely a list of names, and the ports got declared elsewhere in the code. - Signed reg and wire declarations, and related enhancements: signed literal numbers like 2'sb01, $signed and $unsigned conversions, <<< and >>> signedness-respecting shift operators. - Variable initialization as part of its declaration: reg [7:0] myVar = 8'd35; defined to be shorthand for the declaration and an initial block that does the initialization - Multi-dimensional arrays of vectors like wire [7:0] array2D_of_byte [0:5] [0:9]; (but not multi-dimensional ports!) - Generate if/case/for and genvar - Localparam, and the parameter port list module M #(parameter N=5) (input clk, ...); - always @* - comma-separated sensitivity lists (as an option to the "or" operator) - standardization of the C-style file I/O functions such as $fscanf; single-channel file descriptors to support read files - task automatic, function automatic - Context-determined width for unsized literals whose first bit is X or Z - Standardized C-language algorithms for the random number generator system functions In all of this, the only back-compatibility issues I know about going from V-95 to V-2001 are: - Changed behaviour of 'bz, 'bx when assigned to a target with more than 32 bits (but it was almost certainly a bug in V-95 code anyway) - Old-style multi-channel file descriptors now support only a maximum of 30 open files, not 31, because the MSB of a file descriptor is now a flag to mark new-style single-channel descriptors I've no doubt that I will have missed one or two changes, but that's not a bad list to get you started. cheers -- Jonathan Bromley
Regarding Jonathan's comment about new keywords added in later
revisions of the language: that is one thing that is actually well-
documented for each version.  The specification of the `begin_keywords
directive lists the keywords that were reserved in each revision.

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> On Sun, 1 Aug 2010 01:06:16 +0000 (UTC), Giorgos Tzampanakis wrote: > >Where can I find a listing of the features that were added to > >Verilog in the 2001 version, and then of the ones added in > >SystemVerilog? >
Verilog 95 to 2001 differences are summarized in pdf . Verilog 2001 to SystemVerilog is described in the overview section of the SV LRM 1800-2005 (page 15). The SV LRM only describes the SV extensions to Verilog 2001.