Zedboard and the ov7670 settings

Started by shlomishab 3 years ago144 views

I've been working on a video streaming project using a zedboard and the ov7670 camera.

My project is based on this one (capture and vga .vhd files):

But I took the camera settings configurations (registers and I2C_sender .vhd files) from here:

I need the lower resolutions, so I can't use the entire Lauri's code. But when I do, the VGA works just fine.

The problem is when I try to mix the projects.

I get a noisy video with really weird looking colors.


I think the problem is in the camera settings. I've tried to change the values (according to the OV7670 implementation Guide) in the registers.vhd in order to make the video look better. But I can't figure out which registers I need, and what value to put in them.

Has anyone had this problem?

Can someone please help to figure this out?