Connecting Nanoboard 3000 to Xilinx ISE

Started by Biggie 1 week ago20 views

I am trying to connect my nanoboard 3000 with Spartan 3AN to Impact. I have added the correct .bsd file and used a Xilinx Platform Cable - . I have connected my JTAG wires to the soft side of the system jtag header -

The VCC pin is at 2v5 - and the light on the platform cable is green. 

But in impact when I try to get device id or anything really I get errors - the bit patterns that come as outputs for the id always change for example (obviously reading garbage)

I am running Arch Linux with Xilinx ISE 14.7 and with the usb drivers: git://

Does anybody know a way to connect the board to Impact?

Thanks for any help!