Installing a license to run MicroChip MicroSemi Libero

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I am in the process of evaluating vendors and FPGAs for a security project and had been pointed to also MicroChip and the Libero Suite. The main task is to get a test design run and judge capabilities and ease of software use.

However I can not even get the software running, rather than building the test design. I hope there is somebody in to advise me a bit.

I had been able to download and install the Libero SoC v2022.2 successfully and can open the HLS part of the program

I also aquired a license which i had been able to download. It is named license.dat. Unfortunatly there is not advice what to do with it. I placed in into several folders with no success.

Libero opens and says "there is no valid license". Does anybody know that? Does it mean no lic at all, or really the lic is not valid?

I verified the MAC when I ordered it and use it on this PC.

What can I do? I wrote to MicroChip / MicroSemi but got no answer for days now. I found a PDF named "Libero Installation License Setup" but there is no clear information. In the opposite: It is not clear which kind of license I have or have to use and furthermore, when it comes to the point installation it links to the document itselt. However a seach shows, that the word "license.dat" is not even present in the doc.

The point is I only have little time left, before decisions are made.

Any help is welcomed.


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Reply by HaraldBlabNovember 16, 2022

You have to copy the file 'License.dat' you got from MicroChip to the 'C:\flexlm' folder. If there's already a file in the flexlm, you can append the content of the MIcorchip's file to it.