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Hello everyone, I find a xilinx zynq single board computer Z-turn board, the price is attractive and I would like to order one for my evaluation. But I find it has limitation on display, I asked their engineers and they told me that this board is using xylon trial version IP and can only work within 30 minutes after booted, I need to buy the license of the IP core for logiCVC-ML or logiCLK from Xylon. But I think the license price is pretty high, any good suggestions?

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Reply by adamt99August 25, 2017

Hi I do not know much about the Z Turn board however it has a HDMI output which is connected to the PL of the FPGA there are several IP cores which are free with vivado which will enable you to create image processing chains. You might need to update your linux kernel to wok with the other cores but it is do able. There are some blogs on the microzed chronicles (I am the author of these) which demonstrate this and it is the same for every board as it is all internal to the Zynq. 

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Reply by jeepcoonAugust 25, 2017

Hello, thanks for the suggestion, the company has solved this problem.