Reading SD Card - Where to start?

Started by Adrian3 2 years ago50 views

The project i am working on is to display a 800x600 super vga image. I am currently using Quantus Prime lite to program my FPGA. My code looks at my laptops hard drive and loads a raw data text file into SRAM. The code works fine and i have successfully displayed an image 100x100 pixels (8 colour palette).

When i try to increase the size of my raw data file to an image 800x600 pixels this takes such a long time to compile. Therefore, i am trying to get my FPGA to read an SD Card to load the raw data from (after I have programmed the FPGA). My development board has a SD Card slot. This is my board: except my FPGA chip is a EP4CE10F17C8N.

I beleive the way to do this is to use an SPI master and a state machine (or CPU) which handles the SD-card protocol.

I have tried to follow this link:

but I can only follow this until trying to add the SD Card Interface. This does not even show up, all I can see under Universal Program: Memory: is SRAM Controller and SSRAM Controller. A search also shows nothing.

Does anyone have any ideas (I have NIOS II 18.1 installed) or links to a website/s that may help me.