I am new to FPGA, I need guidance to understand difference between UCF andXDC

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Hello everyone,

I have kintex-7 based kit . I started learning about FPGA using udemy courses. where pin placement is done using xdc file.But when I downloaded board files of the kit I have. I got both xdc and ucf files of the kit. hence started the confusion, kindly help me with understanding the difference between ucf and xdc file. Any particular dcoument regarding the same would help. Thanks again for entertaining novice.

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Reply by rajkeerthy18July 17, 2019

UCF is the pre-VIvado style of specifying constraint for Xilinx FPGA tools. XDC is the format similar to Synopsys design constraints used with Vivado tools. Please follow user guides on this from Xilinx. There is some guide here to convert between two formatsĀ

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Reply by mekjaykJuly 17, 2019

Thank you so much for your kind reply.