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Xilinx (@XilinxInc) 23 hours ago

New Video: How to use AXI Verification IP to Verify and Debug your Design using Simulation


Texas Instruments (@TXInstruments) 22 hours ago

In pursuit of ever-faster charging times, having a precise current-control loop is vital. Learn more on our blog:…


Xilinx (@XilinxInc) 7 hours ago

FastMux option for ExaLINK Fusion low-latency Ethernet switch uses to halve mux latency, 49nsec!…


Xilinx (@XilinxInc) 7 hours ago

Partial Reconfiguration in the Design Suite Learn more:


Intel FPGA (@IntelFPGA) 19 hours ago

From Quartus Prime to OpenCL, check out our full list of trainings:


Lattice Semi (@latticesemi) 51 minutes ago

Check out our new dual-camera demo featuring the Embedded Vision Dev Kit!


Texas Instruments (@TXInstruments) 4 hours ago

It's here! Read part 2 of our series on smart sensing with ultra-low-power .


Texas Instruments (@TXInstruments) 4 hours ago

Learn how we're preparing the next generation of via hands-on learning:


Intel FPGA (@IntelFPGA) 22 hours ago

Embrace efficient digital power without all the hurdles of power design.


Lattice Semi (@latticesemi) 20 hours ago

Curious what ’s is all about? Get a first look with from :…


Silego Technology (@SilegoTech) 8 hours ago

June Issue of Silego's Newsletter is up and running now. Check it out and sign up for more right here:…