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Xilinx (@XilinxInc) 14 hours ago

Breakthrough in research. FPGAs best for LSTM speech recognition inference. Learn more:…


Intel FPGA (@IntelFPGA) 19 hours ago

Is MAX 10 MIPI the right video processing for you? Watch this video and find out:


Silego Technology (@SilegoTech) 19 hours ago

Easy Line Follower Robot Control Circuit With GreenPAK via


Silego Technology (@SilegoTech) 12 hours ago

Prepare to network furiously at ESC Boston 2017 via


Xilinx (@XilinxInc) 22 hours ago

NEW Demo Video: Computer Vision, and Sensor Fusion on Utilizing the reVISION Stack…


Lattice Semi (@latticesemi) 15 hours ago

Meet the best friends of Lattice employees. We wish our furry family and friends a tail-wagging, fun…


Texas Instruments (@TXInstruments) 20 hours ago

Cool down your system design with integrated data and power isolation:


Texas Instruments (@TXInstruments) 12 hours ago

is giving engineers the do anything. Here’s how:


Texas Instruments (@TXInstruments) 19 hours ago

What are you most excited for at ?


Xilinx (@XilinxInc) 17 hours ago

Xilinx is showcasing next-generation data center interconnect solutions at . Join us in booth 1809.…


Acromag Inc. (@Acromag) 21 hours ago

.@Technavio has released their global remote I/O modules market 2017-2021 growth report.


Silego Technology (@SilegoTech) 21 hours ago

[Mar. 29, 2017] Configurable Mixed-signal is a Better way to Design IoT Devices


Acromag Inc. (@Acromag) 16 hours ago

We wish all of our Employees a fantastic Employee Appreciation Day! Various work anniversaries as well.


Lattice Semi (@latticesemi) 11 hours ago

With the help of motion tracking & some motors, a bull’s-eye can be possible every time. See ’s project:


KINGSTAR (@KINGSTARMotion) 2 hours ago

101: Tasks, Priorities, and Analysis