Bob Johnson (@Bob11)

Thirty years of design engineering in the broadcasting market designing audio and video products for TV, film, and post-production professionals. Programming from 6502s and 56001 DSPs to multi-core processors and Sharcs, board layout from Bishop Graphics tape to many-layer CAD, TTL to Zynq circuit designs, it's been a wild ride.

Re: Attempting to implement UART - Unexpected Behaviour

Reply posted 4 years ago (10/15/2020)
What you have is what the engineering profession calls a Heisenbug. That's a bug in hardware or software that changes as soon as you use a tool to try to observe...

Re: Block diagram software

Reply posted 4 years ago (04/08/2020)
Can't really tell from your question, and your option list, whether you're looking for block diagram software, circuit diagram software, or some integrated code/schematic...
Here's something he might be interested in:LimeSDR-MiniAvailable here: Crowd SupplyNot only is it SDR, it's even sponsored by the ESA. A win-win :-)Note that I haven't...

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