MSc EE, been designing/programming embedded systems for 30+ years. Experienced with Linux, never used Windows. Worked on various fields, from medical through industrial control to building automation and more. Expert level knowledge of C and ARM 4T/6M/7M assembly. In the last 10+ years almost exclusively worked with ARM core based MCUs. Before that used to work with Z80, 68HC11, AVR and M68K as well. FPGA design in Verilog, mainly Xilinx using ISE. Schematics entry and PCB design with Eagle.

Re: Vivado Tcl

Reply posted 10 months ago (08/22/2021)
Rafael,Thanks for answering, but the point of the exercise is not to open the GUI. I know that method. The Tcl file it writes out is a project mode representation...

Vivado Tcl

New thread started 10 months ago
I'd like to use Vivado in non-project mode, using makefiles and Tcl scripts. However, my chip is a Zynq-7000 SoC where Vivado needs to generate a module representing...

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