Tim Wescott is the owner of Wescott Design Services. He specializes in pragmatic methods to apply control theory to embedded systems projects. Mr. Wescott teaches and consults in the area of control systems, with occasional digressions into communications systems. He is the author of Applied Control Theory for Embedded Systems, plus numerous magazine and on-line articles.

Data Types for Control & DSP

Tim Wescott April 26, 20166 comments

There's a lot of information out there on what data types to use for digital signal processing, but there's also a lot of confusion, so the topic bears repeating.

I recently posted an entry on PID control. In that article I glossed over the data types used by showing "double" in all of my example code.  Numerically, this should work for most control problems, but it can be an extravagant use of processor resources.  There ought to be a better way to determine what precision you need...

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