Digital Filters in Hardware: A Practical Guide for Firmware Engineers

K. Ayob 2008

This practical handbook evolved over several years of hands-on design work on various digital filter systems. It is intended for both firmware design engineers as well as engineering students.

It provides a rich source of useful practical information as well as a sound theoretical basis for the understanding of most digital filters - away from the traditional mathematical approach.

The main target is to provide a professional guidance to filter implementation in hardware, taking into account the available resources and speed. The level of detail goes right down to hardware registers and hardware computations. It provides many diagrams for direct implementation. In particular, it visualises the use of filters for rate conversion with a unique approach using the polyphase wheel model.

The basics of DSP are also introduced carefully, including, frequency domain of digital signals, negative frequencies, frequency translation, complex numbers, images, aliasing, z-domain…etc.

The book also stresses on developing self-learning through several examples of MATLAB commands at the conclusion of almost every chapter. Many of these examples are drawn from real experience at work and are highly intuitive.