An electronic engineer from Ireland completing honours degree at the moment. New to FPGA's. Working in the military as an engineer for the past 4 years.

Re: Key creator

Reply posted 3 years ago (04/23/2019)
You have essentially answered my question! That was the issue I have simply now entered the binary equivalent values and the issue has been sorted. Something...

Key creator

New thread started 3 years ago
Hey Guys I have been working on a key creator module for an encryption algorithm. Which uses a simple state machine to count to ten rounds of encryption. The IF...

Re: Code

Reply posted 3 years ago (04/04/2019)
Thanks so much man. Alot clearer now

Re: Code

Reply posted 3 years ago (04/04/2019)
it is the same but i am just unsure of the linemixOut(32*(i+1)-1 downto 32*i) <= xo;I am just looking for it to be explained, as i am unsure what it means. Thanks...

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