Embedded Core Design with FPGAs

Zainalabedin Navabi 2006

This is a complete toolkit for designing embedded cores and utilizing those cores in an embedded system. A landmark guide in digital system design, "Embedded Core Design with FPGAs" equips today's computer engineers with everything they need to design embedded cores and apply those cores in a state-of-the-art embedded system. This practical resource brings together logic design, computer architecture, Verilog, FPGAs, Hardware/Software design, and SoCs, explaining how engineers can draw on their computer engineering background to achieve cutting-edge embedded designs.Renowned design expert and educator Zainalabedin Navabi first covers the basics of logic design, RT Level Verilog, computer architectures, and the architecture of modern field programmable devices. He then explores the design of utility cores that are used for high-level core-based designs, with specific focus on existing Altera cores. Finally, he describes higher-end design methodologies, including design of hardware/software systems, CPU configurations, embedded systems, and the utilization of various Altera Nios II processors." Embedded Core Design with FPGAs" features: a full array of design aids, including Verilog, FPLD structures, design and programming environments, and software and hardware tools; the latest embedded system design techniques, including use of high-level integrated environments, SOPC development tools, utilizing existing processor cores, and developing your own customized processor; and, a clear focus on utilizing Altera's new DE series and UP3 development boards and design software, including SOPC Builder and IDE software design environment.It helps to master every aspect of embedded core design - High-Level Hardware/Software Design Concepts: High-Level System Design Methodology; RT Level Logic Design; RT Level Verilog; Computer Hardware and Software Programming Languages; and, FPGA Architecture and Utilization. FPGA-Based Design of Embedded Cores: Implementation of Basic Interface Components; Configurable Cores; Custom Cores; CPU Cores; Core-Based System; and, Design Using Development Boards for Prototyping. System Design with Processor Cores: Design with a Customer Embedded CPU; Embedded Core DSP Application; Embedded Microcontroller with Keyboard and Display Interfaces; Using Embedded Design; Hardware and Software Tools; Nios II Processor; And, Nios II-Based Hardware/Software System Design.