Digital Design with RTL Design, VHDL, and Verilog

Frank Vahid 2010

An eagerly anticipated, up-to-date guide to essential digitaldesign fundamentals

Offering a modern, updated approach to digital design, thismuch-needed book reviews basic design fundamentals before divinginto specific details of design optimization. You begin with anexamination of the low-levels of design, noting a clear distinctionbetween design and gate-level minimization. The author thenprogresses to the key uses of digital design today, and how it isused to build high-performance alternatives to software.

  • Offers a fresh, up-to-date approach to digital design, whereasmost literature available is sorely outdated
  • Progresses though low levels of design, making a cleardistinction between design and gate-level minimization
  • Addresses the various uses of digital design today
  • Enables you to gain a clearer understanding of applying digitaldesign to your life

With this book by your side, you'll gain a better understandingof how to apply the material in the book to real-worldscenarios.