Altera DPA compatible with Xilinx IOSERDES?

Started by Joseph H Allen April 24, 2007
Has anyone had success interfacing Altera DPA with Xilinx
ISERDES/OSERDES/IDELAY?  Is 1 Gb/s/pin feasible for Virtex-5 and Stratix-II?

(did having both Altera and Xilinx on the same board cause some kind of
exposion? :-)

I'm considering using a Virtex-5 LXT for its nice x8 PCI-E block in an
otherwise mostly Altera design.
/* AB1GO */                        /* Joseph H. Allen */
int a[1817];main(z,p,q,r){for(p=80;q+p-80;p-=2*a[p])for(z=9;z--;)q=3&(r=time(0)
]?a[p+=a[p+=q]=q]=q:0:0;for(;q++-1817;)printf(q%79?"%c":"%c\n"," #"[!a[q-1]]);}