FPGA Bloggers Needed - New Reward System

Stephane BoucherApril 11, 20112 comments

Are you an FPGA expert? If you are an have an interest in sharing your knowledge with the FPGA community, you might be interested in the new reward system for bloggers (see the blogs section here).

The rewards will be based on page impressions, meaning that the more traffic a blog post will get, the faster it will generate rewards for the author.

Basically, a given blog post will generate $25 to the author for every 250 unique pageviews, up to a maximum total reward of $500 per blog post (if and when the blog post reaches a total of 5,000 pageviews).

If you'd like to give the blogging a try, and potentially earn up to $500 per blog post, please take a minute to fill the very short application form at:


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Comment by salahc4June 22, 2013
I'm a beginner, and I use virtex 5 ML501 with (EDK, ISE, SDK) 10.1
Please, is there a tutorial that can help me set the compact flash card with demo and d├ębouguer by MicroBlaze.?
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Comment by stephanebMay 20, 2014

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