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Stephane BoucherMarch 9, 20161 comment

Good News #1

Last week, I announced a new and ambitious reward program that will be funded by the new Vendors Directory.

This week, I am happy to announce that we have our firsts two sponsors!  Quantum Leaps & Abelon Systems have agreed to pay the sponsorship fee to be listed in the new Vendors Directory.  Because of their support, there is now some money in the reward pool ($1,000) and enough to pay for the firsts 500 'beers' awarded.  Please take a minute to check out these two companies - maybe you could benefit from their services?

Good News #2

The *related sites are now secure!  While browsing the sites, you will notice that every url starts with https, which means that all data that will travel between your browser and the sites will now be encrypted. Moving to a secure platform wasn't as trivial as I hoped it would be - but I think most problems and error messages have been solved by now.  Please let me know if you encounter any issue while navigating on the sites.

Good News #3

Members have started posted in the new forums!  Special thanks to @cfelton, @Tim Wescott, @jms_nh, @matthewbarr, and all other members who have broken the ice.  I knew it would take a while to get momentum going - it always does.  But looking at the impressive profiles of the more than four hundreds individuals who have been approved to use the new forum over the course of the last two weeks, I have no doubt that very soon great discussions will get started on a daily basis.  A lot of the sponsorship money that will be raised with the Vendors Directory will be awarded to forum participants.  If you want to get a piece of the reward pie, make sure to participate!

Stay tuned, more good news to come soon!  

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Comment by sbkennJune 10, 2016
Where can I find the route to the free beers ? Something for the pot: Some years ago, I designed and built some LED dot-matrix displays using an 80C552. Using an 8 line x 20 character displays, there was some serious EM radiation at about 12kHz. Using a sniffer probe, I was able to follow this transmission back along the serial clock line. This clock was driven, board to board, with a differential driver on the controller board, and the spurious frequency was propagating through the driver from the uC pin, and remained at that frequency regardless of the programed clock frequency. The fact that it was used across the full length of each display board, made a very effective antenna. The fix (as opposed to the cure) was to put a small 3-terminal filter right beside the uC.

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