Problem with user defined logicinterface in Nios

Started by Thorsten Klatt July 7, 2003
 I am using Quartus 2.2 SP2 with Nios 3.0

I have fit my logic with the SOPC into the Niosstructure and generating and
compiling of this is fine.
I am testing on a stratix devel. board. Programming of the fpga works out
fine too.
The problem is, that no programm runs on the nios. (i.e. hello_world)
The srec file is downloaded to the chip and then just the terminal appears.
(nr -r hello_world.srec) After I press the CPU-Reset the nios string
appears. So it seems like the programm is running in an endless loop.
If  I use the nios-consol I am able to access the peripherie, like turning
on/off the leds in writing directly to the addresses.

By the way, without my logic the nios executes the code.
Has anyone an idea what the reason could be ?

Thanks Thorsten