CPC TREX 24MHz Turbo Core available PLUS complete source code

Started by Prodatron / SymbiosiS May 3, 2006

today TobiFlex released his new turbo core for the CPC TREX.
The CPC TREX is a complete FPGA-based implementation of the classic
computer Amstrad CPC on a Terasic T-REX C1 board (
). The great thing is, that TobiFlex also released the complete source
code as a Quartus Snapshot!

The core includes his new Z80 implementation which is much smaller,
faster and more compatible than the previous OpenCore T80. So everyone,
how is searching for a better Z80 core, should have a look on it. If
you switch the CPC TREX into Turbo Mode you will have a system with
24MHz power! This is really a little bit crazy fast.

The update also contains a new start-up system. The Starter-SymbOS is
included directly in the flash file and doesn't need to be loaded with
the 6502-based big boot from CF card any more. That means, booting the
TREX is much faster now. The Starter-SymbOS is the "risc-version" of
the brand new Release 1.0.

Please download the update and the TREX turbo core source code here: