Virtex-5 are available from distribution

Started by Peter Alfke March 1, 2007
As I mentioned before, Virtex-5 devices are plentifully available at
Xilinx, and now also from Avnet and NuHorizon. The outcry in this
newsgroup helped to speed up the process !
The easiest way is to go to, click on the Xilinx store
listing in the lower left hand corner, then click on Virtex-5 in the
upper right hand corner, and admire the long list of available parts.
Then click on your favorite distributor's name, and voila, you have
reached the listing.

Their listing is not user-friendly, 1/1 means you can buy parts in
single-piece quantity (I checked that specifically, it does not mean a
whole tray!), but prices and available quantity are not published.
You will have to use the phone.
Believe it or not, this is still the U.S. of A, where the customer is
known to be king  ;-)
But let's rejoice that, at last, you can get hold of these parts.
(The distributor has them physically in his inventory, so challenge
him on the 6 weeks).
The cage-rattling paid off.
Peter Alfke