regarding PC to PC schematic transfer incompatibility in Xilinx ECS Editor with Xilinx Project Manager( ISE 5.2i)

Started by roy83 April 5, 2004

I am working on some Schematic based Digital Design experiments for a
Xilinx CPLD evaluation board. For this I am using Xilinx ISE 5.2i with
all associated softwares along with the ECS (Schematic editor).

I am facing problems in running a schematic created on one PC on
another platform with the SAME XIlinx ISE 5.2i with the SAME
Registration code.( The PC Platforms are same too.. Windows XP on
INTEL Pentium 4).

 When the given schematic, successfully complied and tested on the
first PC, is transferred using floppy disks from the first PC to the
second PC and is copied/ pasted in the ECS editor of  the second PC,
then during compilation, it aborts and gives errors.
I feel this may be due to NETLIST incompatibility of the schematic
from the first platform to the other, but I am not sure.

I would be extremely grateful if anybody could help me out on this by
giving a specific reason for such an error, and steps to overcome
this/ or confirm that this method won't work

Ayan Roy