Dave Vandenbout (@devbisme)

I am a founder of XESS Corp., a manufacturer of reasonably-priced FPGA development boards for engineers. My interests are in FPGA/embedded development and open-source hardware and software.

An Editor for HDLs

Dave Vandenbout July 17, 201211 comments

Unless you're still living in the '90s and using schematics, your FPGA designs are entered into text files as VHDL or Verilog source. Which, of course, implies you're using some form of text editor. Now, right after brace placement in C, the choice of an editor is the topic most likely to incite a nerd civil war (it's a bike-shed issue). I won't attempt to influence your choice because it really makes no difference to me. But if you are using the same editor I do, then maybe I can help you...

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