JTAG Prog. and Power Requirments

Started by Drew September 13, 2004

I am programming EPM3064ALC44-7 using JTAG-ByteBlaster. I will use the
exact circuit shown in Figure 2 of application note AN-95 from Altera
which describes connections to JTAG header and will also supply power
to device through, VCCIO and VCCINT pins (3.3 Volts).

However, I am trying to make a prototype board, which will only
program devices using JTAG header (might seem crazy, but this is
purely academic).

So, I need to know, how much current (Icc) is drawn by the device
while only programming it (through pins VCCIO, VCCINT and JTAG pins on
device), so that I can use a supply with minimum current requirement.