ADC implementation on fpga? Information and procudures wanted.

Started by pingboypulsar<spamoff> October 17, 2005

This question has probably been asked a 1000 times. So here it is for 1001st time.

How do I go about implementing an adc to a fpga?

Hopefully someone can give me some areas to start in. Some links, reference materials, code etc. 
What are the most commonly interfaced adc's, and the buses they use?

I currently am working with a spartan 3s 1500mb development board, and using the xilinx edk.
Im new to the area, but need to learn about interfacing asap.


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Regarding analog-to-digital converters, there are two important
parameters you have to consider first:
Accuracy ( = number of bits), and speed (number of conversion per

Accuracy can be 4 bits to 20 bits, and conversion rate can be between 1
kHz and 1 GHz.
There is a lot of room for different types of interfaces...

Peter Alfke

Has anyone looked at interfacing a Cyclone II or Stratix II with the
1Gsps, 8 bit A/D from National Semiconductor (ADC081000) ?  I'm
looking for a reference design that will save me time rather than
creating my own...

Wow. Good thing I looked at the rest of the thread before posting. I
thought you were talking about adders using the carry chain (also known
as ADC). Anyway....