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Re: How to make sure clock is from the main clock tree?

Reply posted 10 months ago (05/11/2020)
The clock can come from an external source for example. Take for example the Basys 3 board (1), it has an 100 MHz External clock source on (pin W5). You can declare...

Re: Block diagram software

Reply posted 11 months ago (04/16/2020)
Thanks for all the replies and suggestions, I shall take a look at them. As some suggested, Visio is a great tool, I use it professionaly. For private use I tend...

Block diagram software

New thread started 11 months ago
Hello everybody,I am searching for a WYSIWYG software to draw, from complex to simple, block diagrams for documenting my personal projects. So far I am using CircuiTikz...

Re: OT: Laughing in the Face of Adversity

Reply posted 11 months ago (04/06/2020)

Re: Covid-19 Stories

Reply posted 11 months ago (03/26/2020)
I am in Munich, Germany, not infected so far. We should stay calm and pay attention to the scientists and health care authorities, and calmly spread their assessments...

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