What do Ohio, Python, and FPGAs have in common?

Christopher FeltonJuly 23, 2013


Anyone in the Columbus Ohio area in the United States this upcoming weekend (7/27 and 7/28) should stop by the @pyohio conference.  This is a *FREE* regional python conference.  I will be giving a talk at the end of the day Sunday, discussing MyHDL, FPGAs, and a hands-on workshop following the presentation.

The talk will focus on introducing programmable hardware to "imperative thinkers".  Anyone curious about FPGAs, Python, or familiar with FPGAs or embedded systems should stop by and have some fun configuring an FPGA development board with Python.  This event will be informal, light-hearted, and everyone involved will have a jolly'ol time!

Most of the talk is an introduction to programmable hardware, contrasting it to the modern computer, and will conclude introducing the MyHDL package.  The workshop will walk through a simple example and allow Python programmers to modify the example, configure a development board, and observe their modifications.  Xess corp was gracious and loaned a set of development boards for the hands-on workshop.

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