Anatoliy Sergiyenko (@asser)

Professor in the National Technical University of Ukraine -KPI. Deal with FPGA since 1998. My scientific site is My Researchgate profile is

Altera FPGAs are not intended for the military applications.However, they are relatively cheap. For this reason, they are widely used in Russian armament.On the...

Re: FPGA for audio DSP

Reply posted 12 months ago (06/14/2022)
Today, the Cortex-m4 microcontrollers and similar ones have a speed up to approx. 100 MFLOPS. It`s enough to perform any real-time sound filtering.Such a chip...

Re: Will this FPGA be suitable for DSP purposes?

Reply posted 3 years ago (09/29/2020)
90 DSP48 units of this FPGA are enough to implement a lot of DSP algorithms.But you would rather implement the filters and FFT in the sequential-parallel manner.When...

Re: Processing Gain at output of ADC

Reply posted 3 years ago (06/05/2020)
Really, gain is 5 bits. But in conditions when the signal has not the DC component. If you needn't such a gain you can truncate the resulting bit width to the desired...

Re: How to make sure clock is from the main clock tree?

Reply posted 3 years ago (05/08/2020)
The synthesis tool usually doesn't need the clock frequency at all. But one of the synthesis result is the maximum frequency which provides this design. It is estimated...

Re: How to make sure clock is from the main clock tree?

Reply posted 3 years ago (05/07/2020)
The RTL design paradigm insists that any device must have a clock signal wire and all registers are feeded by it writing the information by the clock edge.So, any...

Re: Suggest a FPGA project

Reply posted 4 years ago (01/07/2019)
Video stream compressor.At present, many old compression method patents are expired,and these methods may be freely implemented in FPGA.Consider GIF.

Re: Pink noise generator on FPGA

Reply posted 4 years ago (12/07/2018)
Usually, the pink noise is derived from the white noise by the filtering.Build the white noise generator based on LSFR, and attach to its output some band pass...

Re: A Law compression for FPGA

Reply posted 5 years ago (08/23/2018)
A-law is an algorithm of the log compression of the audio signals.It attracts for its simplicity. But it works bad for other data compression.You need other kind...

Re: Reduce Phase of a filtered data set

Reply posted 6 years ago (08/16/2017)
There is a special kind of filters called the minimum phase filters.They have unlinear phase characteristic but their group delay is minimized. For example, if a...

Re: Overloading assignment operator '<=' in vhdl

Reply posted 6 years ago (05/15/2017)
the operator '<=' is overloaded for any type of the signal.But the left and right sides must be of the equal type or be subtype of this type.You can assign the...

Re: DSP Filter Verification in FPGA

Reply posted 6 years ago (05/05/2017)
The up conversion filter is calculating the input sequence, which is split by zeros. Therefore, the output results are divided by 2 if the conversion is made up...

Re: manipulation of two dimensional matrices in VHDL

Reply posted 7 years ago (10/13/2016)
In such a situation, I usually use something like perl script to generate the vhdl text with the matrix content. (Perl can be built in the simulator). But in modelling,...

Re: Glitch on Articx7

Reply posted 7 years ago (10/07/2016)
A "glitch" is a product of a bad design. Therefore, it would not be afforded during "translate, map and place and route ". If a real glitch is buried in the...

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