Verification Methodology Manual for SystemVerilog

Janick Bergeron 2005

Offers users the first resource guide that combines both the methodology and basics of SystemVerilog

Addresses how all these pieces fit together and how they should be used to verify complex chips rapidly and thoroughly.

Unique in its broad coverage of SystemVerilog, advanced functional verification, and the combination of the two.

A Verilog HDL Primer, Third Edition

J. Bhasker 2005

- Written for new users. - Explains the language through simple examples. - Explains the syntax of language using commonly-used design terminology. - Explains the behavioral style, the dataflow style, and structural style in detail. - Concepts of delay and timing are clearly explained. - Testbench writing is made easier by providing a number of examples. - Many hardware modeling examples have also been provided to make this an excellent reference.

Also includes exercises for...

Reconfigurable Computing : Accelerating Computation with Field-Programmable Gate Arrays

Maya Gokhale 2005

A one-of-a-kind survey of the field of Reconfigurable Computing

Gives a comprehensive introduction to a discipline that offers a 10X-100X acceleration of algorithms over microprocessors

Discusses the impact of reconfigurable hardware on a wide range of applications: signal and image processing, network security, bioinformatics, and supercomputing

Includes the history of the field as well as recent advances

Includes an extensive bibliography of primary sources

DSP with FPGAs: VHDL Solution Manual, First Edition

Uwe Meyer-Baese 2005

This manual contains the solutions and MaxPlus II coding in VHDL to the exercises of the book "Digital Signal Processing with Field Programmable Gate Arrays" by Dr. Uwe Meyer-Baese.

Rapid System Prototyping with FPGAs: Accelerating the Design Process (Embedded Technology)

RC Cofer 2005

The push to move products to market as quickly and cheaply as possible is fiercer than ever, and accordingly, engineers are always looking for new ways to provide their companies with the edge over the competition. Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), which are faster, denser, and more cost-effective than traditional programmable logic devices (PLDs), are quickly becoming one of the most widespread tools that embedded engineers can utilize in order to gain that needed edge. FPGAs are...

Practical FPGA Programming in C (Prentice Hall Modern Semiconductor Design Series)

David Pellerin 2005

During the past few years of tech sector economic decline,which has touched the EDA/semiconductor industries, two companies have had consistent double digit growth. They are Xilinx and Altera. Their business is FPGA design. Advances in FPGA technologies have made FPGA design a low cost alternative to very expensive unreconfigurable ASIC design.

Advanced Digital Design with the Verilog(TM) HDL + Xilinx 6.3 Student Edition Package

Michael D. Ciletti 2004

For an advanced course in digital design for seniors and first-year graduate students in electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science. This book builds on the student's background from a first course in logic design and focuses on developing, verifying, and synthesizing designs of digital circuits. The Verilog language is introduced in an integrated, but selective manner, only as needed to support design examples (includes appendices for additional language details)....

CMOS VLSI Design: A Circuits and Systems Perspective (3rd Edition)

Neil Weste 2004

The extensively revised 3rd edition of CMOS VLSI Design details modern techniques for the design of complex and high performance CMOS Systems-on-Chip. The authors draw upon extensive industry and classroom experience to explain modern practices of chip design. The introductory chapter covers transistor operation, CMOS gate design, fabrication, and layout at a level accessible to anyone with an elementary knowledge of digital electornics. Later chapters beuild up an in-depth discussion of the...

Circuit Design with VHDL

Volnei A. Pedroni 2004

This textbook teaches VHDL using system examples combined with programmable logic and supported by laboratory exercises. While other textbooks concentrate only on language features, Circuit Design with VHDL offers a fully integrated presentation of VHDL and design concepts by including a large number of complete design examples, illustrative circuit diagrams, a review of fundamental design concepts, fully explained solutions, and simulation results. The text presents the information...

Programmable Logic Fundamentals Using Xilinx ISE

Denton J. Dailey 2004

Book by Dailey, Denton J.