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Choosing an Implementation Approach

David Days May 10, 2018
What one man can do, another can do!--The Edge (1997) Choose the hill you want to die on.--Common saying attributed to the United States Marine Corps Planning out an FPGA Implementation

In my first article, I gave a high-level view of the project that brings me into the world of FPGA development. At the end, I tried to break down the areas of development that would be involved, and some of the knowledge and expertise I would probably have to gain in order to make it a...

Cutting a Path Forward

David Days April 4, 20183 comments

As a newcomer to the community, I thought I would start off by introducing myself, and give a little information about what has drawn me to start working with FPGAs.

My day job is as a professional software developer:  Figure out what people want; figure out how to make it happen (if possible); and then wrangle code, databases, networks, and servers into giving the correct responses or actions as necessary.

By night, however, I've been working on my...

Re: Covid-19 Stories

Reply posted 4 years ago (03/25/2020)
Hi, Everyone!David from southern Ohio, here.  If you look at the Johns-Hopkins US map, we're in that big blank spot south of Columbus, but today the county next...
Just registered--no problems at all.Also passed the info to a hardware guy I work with--this is really good stuff!

Re: HDL to Schematic Reporting

Reply posted 6 years ago (05/19/2018)
I use Inkscape all the time--it's a good free tool for creating/editing SVG files.  (As examples, most of the images on my articles are made or finished with Inkscape.)If...

Re: Is an ACM subscription worthwhile?

Reply posted 6 years ago (05/05/2018)
Thanks, @prashantpd.  I'll check it out.  I'm familiar with IEEE articles on the software side, but didn't know about the co-publishing on the hardware side.

Is an ACM subscription worthwhile?

New thread started 6 years ago
This morning on my codeproject.com feed, I got a link to an ACM article about C.  But what caught my eye was that the cover of the edition had an article about...

Re: Writing 16-bit data to bram

Reply posted 6 years ago (04/25/2018)
Ok--thanks.  Was just wondering (since I'm new).  What about the C-code for the host machine?  Have you confirmed that there's no problem there?

Re: Writing 16-bit data to bram

Reply posted 6 years ago (04/25/2018)
I am just getting into this exact topic, myself, so I probably don't have any real insights.However, I noticed that on line 263 of the VHDL, and 290-295, you have...

Re: Which FPGA kit to start with in 2018?

Reply posted 6 years ago (03/28/2018)
Hey, All!I wanted to say that I really appreciate the advice from everyone, and I've decided on my plan of attack:I went ahead and bought two of the Mojo V3 boards. ...
Most of my music is mainstream (old and new), but there are a couple of relatively obscure ones I listen to all the time.Jonathon Coulton writes songs and releases...

Re: Which FPGA kit to start with in 2018?

Reply posted 6 years ago (03/25/2018)
I like the minized.  I have done some software work for Public Lab, an open source environmental data collection organization.  They are always looking for ways...

Re: Which FPGA kit to start with in 2018?

Reply posted 6 years ago (03/25/2018)
I had not caught the ISE development was frozen--thanks for the heads up.The Cyclone board looks very good for my level and a good price.

Re: Which FPGA kit to start with in 2018?

Reply posted 6 years ago (03/25/2018)
It took me a while, but I was finally able to relocate one other board that I have been looking at:  Mojo v3 board from Embedded MicroI've never used Embedded...

Which FPGA kit to start with in 2018?

New thread started 6 years ago
Hello, All!I'm a professional software developer who is trying to make the jump into FPGA for fun, learning, and my own research purposes.  I've been studying the...

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