Is an ACM subscription worthwhile?

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This morning on my codeproject.com feed, I got a link to an ACM article about C.  But what caught my eye was that the cover of the edition had an article about FGPAs in the data center.  To read it, though, you need to be a member/subscriber.

I was thinking about getting a subscription to ACM, but I honestly don't know anything about it.  In the software world, there are lots of impressive looking organizations by title, but you could end up spending half your pay chasing "industry leaders" and trying to separate the fluff from the real deal.

For FPGA and embedded work (as well as any other stuff I do), is ACM worth getting, or should I just let this one pass me by?

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Reply by prashantpdMay 5, 2018
I am an FPGA design engineer and work at a University, so I have access to both ACM and IEEE publications through the University library. I have found that there are quite a few ACM publications that are co-published with the IEEE. In my opinion the IEEE publications have a much greater focus on FPGA technology and applications than the ACM publications. You may want to also have a look at the FPGA-related articles published by IEEE and then compare, whether you want to purchase an IEEE or ACM membership.
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Reply by david_daysMay 5, 2018

Thanks, @prashantpd.  I'll check it out.  I'm familiar with IEEE articles on the software side, but didn't know about the co-publishing on the hardware side.