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Christopher FeltonAugust 2, 20132 comments

Most of my examples on fpgarelated use MyHDL for the hardware description and another Python package myhdl_tools to control the FPGA vendor's software. This means everything is controlled and run from the Python environment.

Install the following to compile the posted examples:

  1. MyHDL package : pip myhdl or myhdl github
  2. myhdl_tools : myhdl_tools bitbucket
  3. rhea package, used to automate FPGA builds
  4. FPGA vendor tools
  5. FPGA development board JTAG or program software
    • UFO400, SX1, nexys, atlys: fpgalink
    • Xess boards (xula, xula2)
      >> pip install xstools

Majority of the posted examples are in a bitbucket repository gist and contain a script. The script will: convert, synthesize, map, place-n-route, and create a bit file (compile).

Change log

  • 05-Dec-2015: Some of the tools used in the examples have been deprecated. Updated some of the tools used and repository locations

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Comment by Andrea SterbiniJanuary 21, 2016
I find rhea very useful and interesting.
Have you tried to use xc3sprog instead than impact to load the fpga bit file?
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Comment by cfeltonJanuary 21, 2016
No I haven't but I will look into sounds like a reasonable option.

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